A new month starts in Belize!

(and Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!)

Well yesterday ended up being an interesting day and a learning experience. The guys showed up to work @7:30 or so and brought F’s daughter J with them. We met her on our first trip here. It was nice to see her, she is pretty, kind and smart and just a bit younger than T.

E. began asking M to give him things and M felt pretty uncomfortable with him. I went down to work on a client’s site and later J came down and chatted with me. Then M & LT came down. They locked our important stuff in drawers first.  When we went back a few hours later, someone of the workers had taken several beers and some rum and coke from the cabin. The things they built after that were put together badly.  M had to confront them and try to use his Spanish to convey that it was not cool. Pretty stressful.

Later we talked with BT about the best way to handle it all, given that we still have anther day of work to do. We got a game plan in place. It’s all part of the learning process, and no great harm done in the long run.

Later at night BT and his friend M came by to get a tool and had a beer with us, which was a really nice end to a tense day.

I slept pretty well with a dream that I went to work at a corporate job to make some money but it was no fun at all.

This morning came with a beautiful sunrise but is mostly cloudy now at about 8am.  We’ll have the workers finish building the stuff down at the big house, and can do some internet while there. (including getting this blog posted).  I’m hoping for a pretty relaxing day after that – may even start knitting my socks or do yoga!

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