A not so great day….

Today was the most challenging day so far.  I was feeling very lonely last night – I think partly because BTs lady friend is back in town and it made me miss M, plus it was raining and the lack of transportation was frustrating me.  It poured all night long and I was cold and a bit anxious about the rain ruining the electronics, as we hadn’t tested that out yet.  When it got to be about 5:30am I went and checked down below and everything was dry so I went to make a cup of tea and we had NO gas!

I checked and the tank felt really light – CRAP. I checked all the lines and nothing seemed remiss so either the tank wasn’t full to start with or we have a gas leak somewhere, or both.  I waited til noon to visit BT and told him about it.  Why do these things always happen on Sunday – even at home?!  To top things off, LT is in a foul mood – his clothes don’t fit and his shoes are too dirty.  I am just frustrated at feeling powerless…time to take it back and get my own problem solving skills in order!

After chatting with M, and making a plan to get transportation and gas, things seemed a lot brighter. I was expecting a day of feeling not great, and if this is the worst I’ll face, it’s not so bad.

UPDATE:  Got the tank refilled, found a small leak near the fridge, and figured out normal gas useage, etc so we can plan ahead next time -back to sunshine!

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