Final morning – this time….

This is our last morning at the cabin. (We’ll stay at Toucan House tonight so we can shut everything down and leave at the crack of dawn for airport)  The sunrise put on a beautiful show this morning at 5:30 – oranges and yellows and pinks streaked the skies as the round sun peeked up over the cliffs.  Then, as teh sun warmed the cooler air hanging around the mountaintops and rivers, a mist shrouded the view of everything beyond the garden/milpa.

The howler monkeys said their good mornings, and the parrots flew by with their loud squawking and screeching. Now, as the sun gently warms us, the sweet song birds and insects have awoken to another busy day in the jungle.

I am very sad to leave, but excited to be back with M. Even with technology, I really miss his physical presence, wisdom & love in person.  This adventure is much more fun together. I really can’t wait to be here again as a family.

When we come back in a few months, I’d like to map out the palapa/storage buiding and think about how that will work. We need a bit more space to move here full time, but a lot less space than we originally thought.  We need an office/school/crafting place and storage for tools, clothes, etc.

I also want to look into storage options for things we need to keep, like corporate records, that need a more climate-controlled environment.

And most of all, this needs to be a year of serious income generation AND decluttering!!!  More later – time to enjoy the morning tea…

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