Fourth of July eve….

Got an email about our neighborhood parade, and I’m really sad to miss it this year – but I think we’ll dress up in red white and blue and march around the jungle in solidarity.

Sunrise here is about 5:30am (2 hour time difference from EST right now) Today I slept in a bit because it is so foggy/misty. I can’t even see the mountains across the river, and even the howlers and bird sounds are subdued. The sun is just starting to burn through, and behind is a bright blue sky.

We have a couple of days we don’t need to drive anywhere and we can just sit and enjoy the last few days of M being here. I started knitting socks last night. This attempt has started much better than my last!

Today I’ll take the compost down to the upper milpa (farm/garden) and maybe visit the lower milpa to get some avocados that are ready for picking. The workers are going to start building a seed house so we can get some new veggies going. BT has made me a sourdough starter that’s almost ready, and then I’m going to get a lesson on baking with it.  I’m already wishing we could just stay here all fall and see everything unfold.

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