Happy Independence Day!

No firecracker 5K, parade or hotdogs for us today, but it does feel like we’re finding our freedom here. This morning the sun is quickly burning off the mist. I can see the mountain tops and hear the waterfall in the distance. I wonder how long before I stop confusing it with distant traffic on the turnpike?

There’s a woodpecker here that does a quick ratatat at a time, every minute. Guess with all the insects here he doesn’t have to work too hard.

Yesterday Mark got the batteries and charge controller all hooked up. This will allow us to run the generator a couple hours a day then run off batteries the rest of the day. Today he is going to put a small solar panel on to top off batteries & keep them from getting too low when we’re away. Eventually we’ll have more solar to fully power the batteries.

One of my very favorite things we have here is a gas fridge. It’s so quiet – no compressor – and it doesn’t dry out the food like an electric one. It cost a bit more, but well worth it I think.

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