I had to stop and think for a minute what day it is. Yesterday was a long day on the road. We left at 7 to take M to the airport in Belize City.  It’s somewhere between a 2-3 hour drive but we left extra time. With just one paved highway if something goes wrong like an accident, you just have to wait. We said our sad goodbyes then headed to Bennie’s – think Target Superstore – in Belize City, with BT.  Driving into the outskirts of Belize City feels like driving into almost any Florida small town.  We got a few remaining items on our list and some butter for BT’s mom. BC is the only place you can get real butter, there is a non-real version available to us here in western Belize.  They use protectionistic practices, so other dairies are prohibited from competing. Often we end up with inferior or mono-variety being our only choice.  Right now that feels like an adventure, but someday may be something we resent – hard to say.  It’s a shoulder shrugger at least.

We made our way to BT’s folk’s place via Spanish Lookout, where we got a few more things (finally, natural peanut butter!) After visiting Computer Ranch, I saw a niche M and I could fill pretty well. We arrived at BT’s folks place as his mom B was making a chocolate pie!  I immediately felt at home with both his parents, who are closer to my age. Bt’s dad reminds me so much of a dear friend in TC, MI.

We toured their extensive property which is along the Mopan river in Bullet Tree, just outside San Ignacio.  They have a beautiful pond that serves as a holding tank for their water, lots of fruit trees, and other ornamentals.  B invited me to the women’s group lunch on the 19th. I’ll see if I can swing that, it sounds perfect for me.

We headed home to find that the excavator had pretty much finished the pond/natural swimming pool. It’s huge, deep and very cool.  He terraced the pile of dirt so it sort of resembles a Mayan temple, and  you can see the whole milpa (gardens/small farm) from the top.  We imagined all the plantings around it, and pond filled with water and some plants and fish, just waiting for us to jump in for a swim.

T & I had a nice dinner but missed M being here with us. We fell asleep pretty early. I wasn’t too anxious at all, but I did move the machete over by the bed! 🙂  Now I am enjoying a quiet misty morning with a cup of tea while T. sleeps in… ahhhhhh…

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