July 2 – off to town…

We’re going in to town today. Since we don’t have a car this summer, we’re bumming rides with BT when he heads in, and trying to plan ahead for our food and supplies. We get to learn a lot about living here, talking with BT and doing errands for the community.  I really like feeling like a bigger part of BIB as I learn more about how it all works, and the things to come.

We’ve stopped at the woodworker’s place so BT can work things out with him. BIB will help stock his shop and keep tools, etc. running so that he will be available for building as more houses get started.  His ‘shop’ is sort of like a lean-to, with a couple of old tarps for a roof, and a lot of older woodworking equipment underneath, along with beautiful pieces of wood lined up.

After the woodworkers, we plan to check out a couple of vehicles for sale, and then will have time to pick up a few things we need in town and grab a bite to eat.

There are certain challenges with establishing a new community – basically a new little village – here in Belize. The main folks are in Canada right now, and BT is in charge, but often things need approval through a chain of command (and money) that can seem slow to our fast-paced, always connected ways. Good learning all the way around, and we’re thrilled that L & M have left BIB in such capable hands as BT’s.

After looking at the two vehicles, I had a longing for a vehicle of our own. We will need to save up and have one soon, for sure by next summer. Maybe the community will have a couple of shared vehicles that we could use – a group purchase of some sort. I’ll ponder on how that might work – after I look at the birds awhile.

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