Just another day in the life

We went into town yesterday – rainy drizzle day. Stopped by town hall in Benque to renew the Trooper registration which expires at the end of September, but they don’t do it ahead of time, so BT can do it for us. It costs $50BZ/3 months. Seems to be the most expensive part of owning a vehicle here.

Headed in to pick up Ma and check her puppy’s sutures (they were fine) then into San Ignacio for a few errands. Got online at Greedy’s for a bit after meeting John, the Scottish fish man (seafood shop), then we headed out Bullet Tree Rd for lunch at Hot Taco, owned by Phil, who was so friendly and the food was GREAT! I ate three big soft taco’s and a homemade iced tea for $7BZ and finished off with a $1BZ homemade chocolate chip cookie made by BT’s mom B! We’ll be back there for sure.

We dropped Ma off and headed back to Benque where we delivered BT to the big house to work while LT and I went shopping for groceries. We picked BT up and headed out to BIB. Sat with BT and tried to debug a WordPress theme function for awhile and chatted with M online, and finally headed up to the cabin for chillaxin.

We’re not going into town today so we’ll have a lazy morning. I’ll finish the grout sealing and do a bit of cleaning, then we may work a little this afternoon on our fire circle/meditation area and scout out for a good spot for the palapa/office/craftroom/bodega we’ll build on top of our lot.

Just another day in the jungle!

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