Last day of June

Things that would help other people:  There is a lot of setup that you just can’t plan ahead for. Our most stressful piece has been the need to make several trips to various stores and our lack of transportation other than having BT give us a ride (and advice).  It’s making us all a little nuts because we didn’t have it adequately planned ahead of time and weren’t clear with everyone on our needs and what was available.  Now that we have most everything we need, it seems a lot less stressful.

We stocked up on food yesterday and so can lay low and just enjoy ourselves for awhile E &  F will be building us a few things – shelves for bathroom and our electronics, a place to hang clothes and a bench for our back/front porch.  It’s nice to have the work for them and is pretty inexpensive overall.

I plan to read, explore the gardens a bit and just chill out. Then earn some money.

Knowing more Spanish would also be helpful!

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