Saturday Market Day

Surpise trip into town. BT asked if we wanted to go to town as his friend Ma flew into Guatemala and took a bus home, so he didn’t have to drive to BC airport.  It was pouring rain so I didn’t grab my purse, just have $35 in my pocket (BZ, not USD)  We’ll see how far it gets us.

We have to hang out until 1pm while BT has lunch with Ma.  So far I bought us all a drink (2 cokes, 1 OJ) at the gas station for $6, then a pound of tomatoes at the market for $3 (got a deal, she gave me .50 off) and a fruit danish pastry at the French Bakery for $2 – not to get some burritos at Menchos, maybe a lime juice, too.  Hoping to have $4 left over for gelato, too!

Ok, two chicken & bean burritos and 2 lime juices $7 and YUMMY!  Next, two medium cups of gelato (3 smalls scoops), 1/2 sour sop and 1/2 strawberry, $4.  While we were eating the gelato, BT walked by and said his friends just arrived so we need to hang out yet again for awhile.  We’ll go to Greedy’s and get an ice tea.  They have expats, free wifi, and a bathroom. With the Kindle and iPod Touch we’ll be all set!

Well, the Kindle browser sucks, but got a bit done. We used the Touch and TalkATone and T called Adam and I called Mark which was pretty cool.  BT came by as we finished, and we headed off for home, with a stop at Ma’s so she could get some things to bring for the weekend.  We also stopped at the grocery store for spaghetti, tomato sauce, and milk (for baking) which used my last $9 plus .80 from BT.  Quite a lot for my $35, and a good day!

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