Ten days of a peaceful heart

Ten days since the last entry – sometimes it seems like ten weeks!  We’ve been busy with day to day living, and got a bit caught up in the BIB stuff. BIB needs another truck for workers to get back and forth now that the school bus isn’t running. So BT found a good deal on a Trooper that his friend R. was selling. We went to look at it with him, and I really liked it, too.  However, BIB couldn’t decide and they were also looking at other vehicles for about a week. Workers weren’t coming out and BT was trying to juggle everything with BIB’s Mitsubishi which had troubles of its own.  After talking with M, we wrote to BIB folks and said ‘if you don’t want to buy R’s truck, we do!’

They told us to go for it, so we arranged to buy the Trooper. I spent time test driving it and talking with R, and I was thrilled to get a good solid vehicle at a reasonable price.  BT took me in to pick it up and to give I. the Mistu for brakes and servicing. I dropped LT and I off at R’s and we had freedom to go wherever, whenever – wheeee!

When we finally got back to BIB and the Toucan House, we found outthe Mistu’s engine had seized up after I. dropped us off because all the oil came out, and BT was stuck in town for two days. LT and I house-sat at Toucan for a few days so BIB wouldn’t be empty. The new BIB vehicle still isn’t ready, but the Mitsu engine should be ready today.  We’ve been official transport for BT and BIB in the meantime, returning all the favors we from our first few weeks.

FYI: (divide by 2 for USD equivalent)

1989 Isuzu Trooper – $5900BZ

Title transfer $15BZ

1 year insurance $269BZ

LOVE LOVE LOVE our new Trooper!


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