We’re really settling in now and finding our pace. Can’t believe M is leaving on Thursday, that will be another whole adjustment.  More motivation to get back here for good.  Today we go into town – paycheck day for the crew plus some shopping for groceries til Tuesday.

We made a pot of beans yesterday and I added veggies to make a soup with the broth.  BT, LT and M went swimming yesterday, but I took the chance for some time alone. I really do feel at home here, and I’m excited for the possibilities of what the community can be.  I hope that we, as one of the first families, can be a strong guiding force for helping BIB stay true to its mission. I know there will be hard times and frustrating times, but I love it here and the natural beauty needs to be preserved. We need to avoid having a subdivision of McMansions at all costs.

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