The ants go marching…

True confessions – it’s pretty buggy here in the rainy season. We have purchased sweeps for the bottoms of the doors, but don’t have them in yet, so every night I try to stuff the door cracks to keep bugs out.  This morning I woke up to find a neat line of ants marching right into the house. Armed with the citrus cleaner spray bottle and a broom, I started sweeping them back out from whence they came.

We went out the door to the porch/deck, along the deck, up the railing and over, and down the side of the house. I went down under the house and picked up the trail along the front of the house, up along the other side, and finally down a post at the back to the ground.  I sprayed citrus cleaner along the whole path, and after sweeping out a few stragglers, the invaders moved on to more a hospitable place.

If nothing else, this reinforces our need to have someone looking after the place while we are gone.

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