Two steps forward, one back…

Sometimes things just take longer or are more complicated here.  We’ve been dealing with lots of typical stuff the past few days – the truck had suspension issues, the big generator at Toucan had motor issues, the internet got slowed down, gas and diesel mixed up in the cans, etc.  Everything takes a little longer to fix or gets a little worse, but it feels ok to be dealing with all that. Reading my friend’s blog the past two years about her life in Haiti has helped prepare me mentally I think.

We had a HUGE storm Monday night – lots of thunder and lightning and downpour. Our house felt safe & strong, but I still felt a little anxious.

I’ve really been enjoying setting up the house and it’s really so comfortable to live in, too.  BT is very helpful in getting the lay of the land and being acclimated to life in Belize.


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