Working from the jungle

Last night I slept even better.

We did some work online – got a print order going with a little help from my sister in the states. We rode into Benque with Big T. and walked around while he did some business. We walked all over town then sat in a park by the town hall. A man came out of the town hall to chat with us. Turns out he is a Peace Corps volunteer from Miami here to help Benque with economic development and tourism promotion.  We talked with him for awhile, went back to his office, and got on the mailing list and exchanged emails, etc.  He hopes to get local people involved to keep initiatives going after he leaves.  Big T. (BT) called to pick us up after our urban development meeting.  We drove to San Ignacio and he dropped us at Sweet Tings.  We looked around a bit, then walked down into town.  We got burritos at Minchy’s (good + cheap) and walked down to Courts where we bought a mattress.  There was only one so it was almost refreshing – one store & one mattress!

After that we wandered from store to store looking at stuff. It was hot so we found an Italian who made and sold handmade gelato at a little station on the street.  It was delicious, and the guy was interesting and talkative.

Right now we are sitting in a bar full of various expats and tourists having a beer and waiting for BT  and trying to deal with a bored 10 year old.

Still trying to detox from the internet/constant connection…

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